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>>>>>>>best of 2006<<<<<<<

Another year in review, and what a year. Here's my collection of the top 10 albums I've listened to this year, in no particular order (comparing Alex Smoke to Cat Power seems impossible).

Alex Smoke, a newbie from Scotland who has gained huge success in minimal techno with his textural, driven beats, delivers a brilliant album with Paradolia. His voice has definitely developed since his previous album, which suffered from a lack of consistency as it featured tracks prepared over a five year time span. Paradolia, his second release, is more concise and solid in comparison, and sets a standard that's basically impossible to top. Now on to a completely different artist and genre: Cat Power. Her passionate voice and musical sincerity are both gorgeous and enthralling. She gained tremendous acclaim with her latest offering, The Greatest, and the title says it all. This album appears to be a little lighter emotionally than her previous releases, and a little more complete when it comes to the variety of songs. I've also been blessed with seeing her perform live twice this year and her shows are always very personable. She performs as if she is in a living room singing for close friends, and you can't help but fall in love with her intimacy and beauty. Minisystem, a low-key fellow Torontonian, pops out of the woodwork with his brilliant, nostalgic synth-pop on Madingley. His gorgeous melodies are delicate and driven, and win over the hearts of those with varied tastes in music. Maetrik was new to me this year, although this talented 26 year-old appears to have extensive 12" releases. He surprised me with his texturally complex tech-house on the brilliant Casi Profundo. Kangding Ray sets an improved standard for the Raster Noton label. The clicky techno minimalism on Stabil is amazingly cutting edge, and the superb packaging completes this gorgeous piece of art. Ezekiel Honig from New York City creates deep chord washes and a delicate wet minimal ambience that radiates organic warmth on Scattered Practices. Tokyo-based Chihei Hatakeyama creates charming, tranquil bliss with Minima Moralia, an ambient delight that only gets better with each listen. Thom Yorke from Radiohead goes solo with his release The Eraser; produced with Nigel Godrich, he delivers intensely beautiful, heartbreaking, emotional lyrics while including more electronic elements. Thomas Schumacher's Home CD is an exquisite 12 track mix of minimal, funky, raw techno. Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye, tops their first release Last Exit. Jeremy Greenspan's captivating waspy sexy voice, synthlines and guitar create warm-hearted, 80's sounding, synth-pop.

It was hard to narrow the list down, and these 10 were selected because each album has consistent quality from start to finish. It's rare that I love an album in its entirety, and I often find myself going straight to my favourite tracks and cringing over some of the others. These 10 albums have passed the cringe test and are worthy of repeat listens this year and for years to come. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

alex smoke / paradolia / soma


maetrik / casi profundo / treibstoff


thomas schumacher / home / spiel-zeug


junior boys / so this is goodbye / domino

download in the morning
download double shadow
download count souvenirs
download fm

minisystem / madingley / noise factory

download madingley
download what about me
download we'll be ok

kangding ray / stabil / raster noton


ezekiel honig / scattered practices / microcosm music

chihei hatakeyama / minima moralia / kranky


cat power / the greatest / matador records

download the greatest
download could we

thom yorke / the eraser / xl recordings

download atoms for peace


tor lundvall / yule / strange fortune

The most gorgeous holiday music, and I hate themed seasonal music. Discovering this has made my day, something unexpected!

antonio bruno / bleep / dreiton


hylozoists / music gallery, toronto / dec. 1

AMAZING! Talented tight musicians that deliver orchestral compositions with indie post-rock melodies. This band will go far. View a clip from the show here.

va / soma 2006 compilation / soma
*only cd 1 available

va / copenhagen label collaboration
pass: iRis

thomas brinkmann / klick revolution / max ernst
pass: iRis

gas / gas / mille plateaux

daniel stefanik / starless reshapes / statik

va / unhappy anniversary v.2 / unfoundsound netlabel

01. omar salgado / escarcha en el cesped [7:08]
02. den / stagdoodledoo [6:45]
03. so inagawa / kada [5:13]
04. mark-henning / motorrad da douche [6:12]
05. [a]pendics.shuffle / secret dummy [6:24]
06. david last / halitosis rockers [6:18]
07. barem / fridrill [6:44]
08. dot / emergency [5:46]
09. pheek + agnes / aube [6:37]
10. max brannslokker / raimonds pauls [5:02]
11. ben parris / juju werewolf [6:55]
12. fusiphorm / the minidisc in the sink [5:45]
13. jamespatrick / boomisland (drunk edit) [7:46]
14. fidget / suburban station [5:22]
15. franco bianco / sueno raro [5:25]
16. dilo vs. gurtz / submarina [8:11]
17. franco cinelli / gamma [7:51]
18. tufan demir / haydut [9:56]
19. mike uzzi & ben recht / reclaiming the 120s [6:33]
20. agaric / guard your home [5:23]
21. bruce logan / it's just worse [7:10]
22. massi dl / mensoda [5:38]
23. someone else / soap putty [5:07]
24. ditch / yack [6:54]
25. ryo miyashita houjou [6:11]
26. tleilaxu / communal [8:23]
27. ezekiel honig / office of destruction [4:51]
28. butane / time to burn [5:16]